The following are a series of essays on conservation and rural development issues and on approaches to resolving them. Some are my own opinion, and based on what knowledge and experience I may have accumulated over the years. Others are opinions, which I may or may not agree with, but which are valid and worth being heard in the discussion to find positive and pragmatic solutions to these issues.

The African Conservation Investment Imperative                                                               David Peddie                      July 2017

African Wildlife - Future Uncertain, Future Hopeful                                                           David Peddie                      July 2017

Land-Use Planning for Integrating Rural Development and Wildlife Conservation         David Peddie                      July 2017

Rangers in the Line of Fire                                                                                                       David Peddie                       August 2017

Rethinking Conservation Funding Models in Africa                                                            Fred Nelson, et al                August 2017

Trophy Hunting - A Wildlife Conservation Tool?                                                                  David Peddie                       August 2017

Elephant Management - A Catalyst for Conservation and Rural Development                 David Peddie                       August 2017

An Improbable Elephant and Rhino Conservation Concept                                                David Peddie                       September 2017

An Open Letter - Look Beyond the Superficial                                                David Peddie       December 2017


Conservation Stakeholders

Governments and their agencies
United Nations institutions
Research and academic institutions
Corporate philanthropy
Private sector enterprise
The Public
Rural communities
NGOs and charities;
The African safari industry
Safari travellers



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