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1.     Research: wildlife and wild area ecology and management
2.     Protected areas:
policy, planning and management of State and private protected areas
3.     Rural development:
multi-faceted rural community socio-economic development
4.     Resource management
: game ranching; crocodile / ostrich farming; freshwater fisheries; forestry
5.     Wildlife-based tourism
: safari lodge design and management; wildlife safari operations


Date of Birth        :   24 October 1950
Marital Status      :
Nationality          :
  South Africa
Passport              :
  South Africa


Hwange (Wankie) Primary            :   Standard 5     (1962)
Kearsney College                          :
  Matriculation     (1967)
University of Natal                        :  
BSc (Agricultural Economics)     (1972)
University of Rhodesia                  :  
MSc (Tropical Resource Ecology)     (1975)


Zoological Society of London      Fellow
Royal Geographical Society        
:  Fellow
Zimbabwe Drugs Council             :  
Dangerous Drugs License (Game Capture)     (1978)
Department of National Parks      
:   Zimbabwe Professional Guides License     (1986)


English                   :   Fluent
Zulu / S’Ndebele   :  
Afrikaans               :  


2002 - 2010     Sindisa Foundation (United Kingdom Charity No : 1110494)                                   Southern Africa
                        Wildlife and ecosystem conservation and rural development
                         Founder and Executive Officer

2000 - 2002    Biodiversity Trust (NGO incorporated into Sindisa Foundation)                                Namibia / South Africa
                        Wildlife conservation and research support
                        International environmental education and student cultural exchange
                        Founder and Executive Officer

1995 - 2003     MacKenzie Peddie  (Sole Trader)                                                                               Namibia / South Africa / Zimbabwe
                         Private, small group field-sport and conservation safaris
                         Wildlife management, community development and tourism consulting

1989 - 1991     Mondi Forests Limited                                                                                               South Africa
                        Environmental management policy
                        Integration of commercial and conservation forestry
                        Sustainable utilisation of indigenous forest resources
                        Manager (Environmental Conservation)

1987 - 1989     Savanna Wildlife (Private) Limited                                                                            Zimbabwe
                         Safari, game ranching, ostrich farming enterprise
                         Joint venture with Lonrho (Zimbabwe)
                         General Manager / Director

1984 - 1987     Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management                                         Zimbabwe
                         Planning and policy formulation for the Parks and Wildlife Estate

1981 - 1984     University of the Witwatersrand                                                                                South Africa
                         Multiple goal optimisation of large mammal densities in Pilanesberg National Park
                         Research Fellow

1977 - 1980     Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management                                          Zimbabwe
                         Ecological management research and implementation

1975 - 1976     Eco Enterprises (Private) Limited                                                                               Zimbabwe
                         Fish farming in Hwange and game / cattle ranching in Matetsi
                         Owner / Manager

1973                  Department of Agriculture                                                                                         Zimbabwe
                          Analysis of beef marketing systems


2018                   Imvelo Safari Lodges (Pty) Ltd / Malilangwe Trust                                                Zimbabwe
                           Rural community wildlife conservation and socio-economic development programme

2017 - 2018       Mawana Game Reserve (Pty) Ltd                                                                            South Africa
                          Integration of private and rural community land into a sustainable nature reserve

2017 - 2018       Namib-Tsaris Conservancy / Fauna & Flora International                                       Namibia
                           Development of a private nature reserve

2016 - 2017        African Rhino Conservation Collaboration (ARCC) Trust                                     South Africa
                            Establishment of an endangered species conservation collaboration programme in the Eastern Cape

2014 - 2015      Mirada Travel Group                                                                                                 United Kingdom
                          Safari Awards - Advisor on wildlife conservation and rural community development
                          The Conservation Web - a conservation funding mechanism

2014                  Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe                                                               Zimbabwe
                           A Preliminary Investigation of the China Africa Sunlight Energy (Pvt) Limited Proposal for a Coal Mining, Power Generation
                           and Methane Gas Extraction Project in the Gwayi Area of Northwest Matabeleland

2012 - 2013      Amakhala Game Reserve / Woodbury Tented Camp                                                 South Africa
                          Strategy and management planning review for Reserve and tourist lodge operations

2010 - 2012      Government of Misiones Province                                                                             Argentina
                          Wildlife-based “safari” tourism in Misiones Province
                          Provincial Park planning for wildlife-based sustainable development
                          Departmental policy and structural development

 2009 - 2010     Carlimow (Pvt) Ltd / River Lodges of Africa (Pvt) Ltd                                              Zimbabwe
                          Operational, management and financial re-structuring
                          Planning for change in Zimbabwe

2004                   WWF Mozambique                                                                                                    Mozambique
                           Sport-fishing tourism in the Bazaruto and Quirimbas National Parks

2003                   Amakhala Game Reserve                                                                                           South Africa
                           Translocation of elephant from Zululand and introduction to Amakhala Game Reserve
                           Establishment of the Amakhala Conservation Centre

2002 - 2004       NamibRand Nature Reserve                                                                                          Namibia
                          Management Plan for the NamibRand Nature Reserve (Revision)

2002                  Ovipuka Conservancy                                                                                                  Namibia
                           Constitution and management planning for a private game reserve

2001                  Quatermain Group (Propriety) Limited                                                                        Namibia
                           Renovation and marketing of Epupa Camp
                           Wildlife land investments, southern Namibia

2000                 Private Investment Group (UK)                                                                                     Namibia
                           Advisory on private game reserve investment in Namibia (Simon Grant-Rennick)

2000                 King Karoo Game Ranch (Propriety) Limited                                                               South Africa
                         Wildlife and Tourism Development and Management Plan : King Karoo Reserve

1999 - 2009      Amakhala Game Reserve                                                                                                South Africa
                          Amakhala Game Reserve – Constitution and Management Planning
                          Lodge design, development and marketing
                          Ongoing operations and management strategies

1999                  Pam Golding Properties, Grahamstown                                                                        South Africa
                          Potential for development of Eastern Cape Wildlife Reserves

1998                  Ant Africa Safaris c.c.                                                                                                   South Africa 
                          Management and Utilisation of Wild Gamebirds on Triple B Ranches, Waterberg

1997 - 1998      Save Lodges (Private) Limited / Zimbabwe Sun Limited                                              Zimbabwe
                          Safari lodge tourism project planning, restructuring and management
                          Integration of Mahenye community into wildlife and tourism programmes

1995                  NamibRand Safaris (Propriety) Limited                                                                        Namibia
                          Lodge based tourism development in NamibRand Nature Reserve

1994 - 1995      NamibRand Nature Reserve                                                                                            Namibia
                          Planning and development of a private nature reserve

1994                  Time for Africa (Private) Limited                                                                                  Namibia / Zimbabwe
                           Wildlife based tourism investment project investigations
                           Lodge design and management

1993                   Save Valley Conservancy                                                                                              Zimbabwe
                           Development and management planning of a private wildlife reserve

1993                   UAL Merchant Bank                                                                                                     South Africa
                            Investigation of wildlife-based tourism investment opportunities in southern Africa

1992                   Humani Ranch (Private) Limited                                                                                   Zimbabwe
                            Development and management of ecotourism operations on Humani Ranches

1991-1992          Malilangwe (Private) Limited (Lone Star Ranch)                                                         Zimbabwe
                            Planning and development of wildlife utilisation and safari lodge tourism

1988                   Union Carbide Limited                                                                                                  Zimbabwe
                            Wildlife Management on Texas Land and Cattle Company Ranches

1987 - 1988       Lonrho (Zimbabwe) Limited                                                                                          Zimbabwe
                           Wildlife Utilisation and Safari Operations on Lonrho Ranches

1987                    Chiredzi Wildlife Investments (Private) Limited                                                          Zimbabwe
                             Establishment of a safari lodge, game, ostrich and crocodile ranching enterprise

1984                    Fisheries Development Corporation                                                                              South Africa
                            Paternoster Fish Farms : Production Investigation (Dr Mark Caulton)

1984                    Wildlife Society                                                                                                             South Africa 
                             Treasure Beach Environmental Education Centre

1983                    University of Witwatersrand / Endangered Wildlife Trust                                            Botswana
                             Aerial Census of Elephant in Northern Botswana

1982                    Venda Government                                                                                                        South Africa 
                             Investigation of the Potential for a Game Reserve in North-East Venda


1.     “Game and cattle ranching in the Matetsi Intensive Conservation Area, Rhodesia”
        Honours dissertation, University of Natal, 1972

2.     “A taxonomic and autecological study of the genus Pronolagus in southern Africa”
         MSc thesis, University of Rhodesia, 1975

3.      Pendock,N.; Peddie,D.A. and Sears, M. (1985)
          “Wildlife management strategies from network flows”
          In : Ecology and Management of the World’s Savannas
          Eds : J.C.Tothill and J.J.Mott, Canberra, Australian Academy of Science, 1985

4.      Clark,V.; Cumming,D.; Martin,R. and Peddie,D.A. (1986)
         Comparative economics of African wildlife and extensive cattle production
         In : Proceedings of the African Forestry Commission, F.A.O. Mali


1990      Environmental Conservation Policy in Commercial Forestry
               Mondi Forests Ltd, South Africa

1985       Wildlife utilisation in the Dande / Mzarabani Communal Lands
                F.A.O. Report : Land use in the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe
                Authors : Clark,V.; Cumming,D.; Martin,R. and Peddie,D.

1979       Mupata Gorge Hydroelectric Scheme : Ecological and Alternative Energy Source Analysis
                Zambezi Valley Ecological Committee


Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management, Zimbabwe

1986     Commercial lodge and mobile safari operations in the Parks and Wildlife Estate
1986     Conservation education camps : design and management
1986     Hunting opportunities for Zimbabweans
1986     Bowhunting in Zimbabwe : policy and implementation
1986     Policy on Professional Hunters and Guides
1986     Lower Zambezi River : zonation and utilisation plan (canoe safaris)
1986     National Park Planning Procedures (conservation management and tourism development)
1985     An Approach to National Park Planning in Zimbabwe
1985     Marketing of wildlife products
1977     Road strip census of large mammals in the Robins area, Hwange National Park
1977     Aerial census of buffalo (Syncerus caffer) in Hwange National Park and Matetsi Safari Area


2005     Leadwood Institute Trust                                (Zimbabwe)
              Co-Founder (with Clive Stockil)

2002     Sindisa Foundation                                          (United Kingdom / Southern Africa)
              Founder; Executive Manager

1998     Biodiversity Trust                                             (Namibia  /  South Africa)
              Founder; Executive Manager

1979      Zambezi Valley Conservation Fund                   (Zimbabwe)


The Sindisa Foundation evolved from the Biodiversity Trust, a non-profit entity registered in Namibia in 1998 to support wildlife conservation projects and to operate student education expeditions. In 2002 the Biodiversity Trust closed and became the Sindisa Foundation, a charity registered in the United Kingdom. Sindisa worked throughout southern Africa on wildlife conservation, environmental education and rural development projects until 2010, when it handed over to the organisations which Sindisa had helped establish on the ground. During the time it operated, Sindisa managed to achieve much with relatively few resources. It contributed to conservation issues and supported rural development initiatives in four countries.

Sindisa Foundation Programmes and Projects Supported


1973                  Commissioned, School of Infantry, Rhodesian Army
1976 - 1980       Battery Commander, 1 Field Regiment, Rhodesian Artillery

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