Public Support for Wildlife Conservation - Making Donations Count

The massive spike in poaching and trafficking of everything from the rhino to geckos, with all its drama and horror, has been brought into the homes of millions around the world by the visual and written media and the internet. It has touched the hearts and conscience of many. It has also promoted an equally massive drive to touch the pockets of those many.

Some 250 “non-profit” organisations have been listed as raising funds to “save the rhino” in South Africa alone, never mind the hundreds of others who are claiming to save everything from a dung beetle to an elephant. While many of these organisations are well-meaning, there are those that are not. It also raises questions of effectiveness. Do we need all these disparate groups vying for limited funds? Definitely not. The more the organisations; the more the funds are taken up in administration and other inappropriate costs for each, the less the money donated reaches where it needs to be. Who are these organisations; just what do they support; how is the money used and will it make a difference? Are they really who, and what, they say they are?

My suggestion is to donate your money and efforts to key, respected and transparent organisations only, and that may not necessarily be the large, high profile ones - some of which seem more intent on maintaining lifestyles than on effective conservation. Do a little investigation before you part with your money. It is not difficult to find the right place to place your support.

Of course, if the children on your street are raising funds for conservation by washing cars or selling cakes, definitely support them; but make sure they know where to send the money that they raise.


 Support and Contributions

Please note that this website is not intended to be a fund-raising site. However, should something in it be of particular interest, and you wish to support or contribute to any of the projects or organisations mentioned, or simply have a query, please contact David Peddie or the relevant organisation directly.

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